2️⃣Setup Valhalla Indicator on TradingView

In order to use the indicator, you need to open a chart on TradingView.

Once open, click on Indicators (or type / ) to open the indicator menu, then click on "invite-only scripts", you should see the indicators names appearing, select Valhalla to add it to your chart.

If you don't see the invite-only scripts folder or Valhalla Indicator, try refreshing your browser/app. If this still doesn't have them show up, please open a ticket through our Discord or email valhallaindicator@gmail.com with your TradingView username & our team will grant you access manually within 6 hours.

If you need to quickly access the indicators you can add them to your favorites by clicking on the star at the left, you will then be able to load the starred indicator directly from your favorites.

Open your chart settings, select the "Scales" tab, make sure the "Indicators and financials name labels" is turned off and turn on the "Indicators and financials value labels".

Turn off the Indicator Values and turn on the Indicator Arguments by checking and unchecking the options.

Optional: If you also wish to use the default Valhalla candle colors, you can change them in your settings as follows:

  • Bullish candle: #ffffff

  • Bearish candle: #006dff

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