What Is Valhalla Indicator?

Valhalla is a Trading Indicator developed by members with a background in finance, machine learning, algo-based trading, marketing, quantitative analysis & development.

The core value and goal of our team is to simplify the trading experience for traders from all levels. Allowing them to be stress free during their entire journey.

We understand how overwhelming trying to follow other indicators can be, hell, even their documentation, and trying to find the perfect configuration only for it to stop working after a few trades.

Or even worse, not even knowing when that next alert will trigger.

Chasing trades always one step behind.

Forget about the “works with all markets” bs indicators, Valhalla is a set of custom powerful strategies for specific assets built by experienced traders at your fingertips.

Including Crypto, Forex and stocks on Timeframes 15m, 30m, 45m and 4hr.

You can still apply Valhalla to any asset and timeframe you desire but we strongly suggest using its own set of optimized strategies.

Community is key.

We also understand how hard and lonely the journey can get, this is why we created a community full of passionate traders from all levels, so that you can interact and have a break from all of those hard moments.

You won't be left alone.

Our staff will personally assist you with the questions that you might have and even provide their opinion on your current strategy and capital management plan.

Share your wins, give us your suggestions, get free alerts and join member challenges, all inside of our Discord Community.

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Get Access to Valhalla: https://valhallaindicator.com

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