Our Discord Community

Discord is a free instant-messaging platform for participating in communities. Below you will find the basics on how to create a free Discord account and how to get VIP access in the community.

This is the platform where we host our community, automated alerts, and bots to further optimize our technical trading tools.

Create A Free Discord Account

To create a discord account go to the Discord website and download the Discord software of open it from your browser and enter your desired username.

Joining The Discord

When you first join our server, you won't be able to see anything besides our public channels. You can get help in the #support channel, see our announcements, free signals, giveaways, get helpful information regarding Valhalla Indicator, and learn how to sign up. If you haven't already joined, click here.

The VIP Role

The VIP role is granted to users who signed up on our website. To get VIP Discord access, follow the instructions on the next page.

The VIP role gives you access to all of the hidden chats with our entire community who share their trades, helping each other with analysis across every market, and conversate with each other in all the VIP channels.

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