Product Questions


How does it work?

Valhalla Indicator is based on the Tradingview platform. Our indicator will display all the info you need directly in your chart, including entry points, stop-loss, take-profit levels, strategy information and much more.

Is a Premium TradingView subscription required?

No, all you need is a free account.

What markets & timeframes does Valhalla work with?

What makes Valhalla different from all of the other indicators is that it includes its own set of custom strategies for specific markets and timeframes. Including Crypto, Forex and stocks on Timeframes 15m, 30m, 45m and 4hr.

You can still apply Valhalla to any asset and timeframe you desire but we strongly suggest using its own set of optimized strategies.

You can see the full list in here:

Are there any alerts?

Yes, you will receive alerts inside our Premium Discord & Telegram Channels + you can configure our Telegram Bot to forward alerts directly to you.

The alerts will keep you informed about new opportunities.

How many signals does the indicator provide per week?

Around 30-50 signals per week if you use our “Use the opposite signal as stop loss” feature, if not, you can get over 100+ .

How much can I earn?

This will depend entirely on your budget and strategy, we will provide you details of our preferred trading strategies, risk & capital management.

Will I get access to the community?

Absolutely! You will be granted Premium Access inside our Discord Community.

Can I use this if I have no trading experience?

Yes, although it is preferred if you have some experience using the trading platform that you choose to trade with, for example, Binance.

You will just need to follow our Setup Guide and you will be up and running in no time.

You can find our entire documentation in here:

What is the difference between you and XXXX indicator?

Valhalla knows and gives you EXACTLY the entry price of the next signal, so that you can prepare your trade ahead of time.

Forget about running to your computer after a signal is triggered from the other indicators.

Or waiting for "candle close for confirmation" of the signal, letting you out of a potential squeeze of profits in a really short time.

Valhalla will tell you EXACTLY where to place your trade ahead of time with EXTREMELY HIGH ACCURACY

Where can I view statistics?

You will be able to see the Accuracy of all of our strategies and their different Take Profit Levels, so that you can plan accordingly.

They will be displayed in the chart:

What is the average win rate (accuracy) of the indicator?

85-93% on most of our custom strategies.

Is it auto or manual trading?

We have both options available. Automation via webhooks is supported only in our Lifetime Membership.

What strategies/pairs are supported?

We have 130+ strategies, including Crypto, Stocks and Misc, for the complete list of supported pairs, please refer to our documentation:

Do you have a trial?

Yes, we have a 7 Day Trial available for you to check for yourself the accuracy of our indicator, besides this, we constantly share free alerts + have a livestream running 24/7 with Valhalla Indicator on the most voted asset of the week by the community.

Does it repaint?

Our signals do not repaint, appear in real-time, and are confirmed on candle close.

Repainting is where signals change based on data in the future to make them appear differently than they really are.

Is this friendly for beginners?

You don't need much experience to understand the signals & features provided by Valhalla.

However, trading can be difficult and takes time to learn regardless of the indicators on your charts. If you're new to trading / technical analysis in general, we recommend paper-trading at first and studying risk management until you get familiar with how it all works to build some confidence in trading.

There is no magical indicator, algorithm, robot, EA, or signal provider that will enable you to effortlessly make money in the markets.


How do I cancel?

When signing up for a subscription, you are agreeing to recurring payments of the monthly fees. This means that, every month the amount of the monthly subscription will be charged, whether on the credit card registered at the time of the purchase (automatic charges), or by the bank slips sent to your email.

Canceling the subscription does not imply the refund of the amount already invested, it just cancels future charges. You can get the refund from the last recurrency paid if it’s within the return deadline. To cancel:

1) Log in to our platform


Enter your login and password. If you don’t remember, you can reset it clicking “Forgot your Password?”.

If this is your first access to our platform and you don't have a password yet, just click "Recover My Password". You will receive an email from Hotmart with the subject Change your password. The new password must contain at least 7 and at most 20 characters, containing at least one letter and one number (spaces will not be accepted by the system).

2) The My Products page will open and you can see your purchases made through Hotmart.

OBS: users who have a Producer or Affiliate profile, after logging in should click the option “Purchases” on the left side menu. You’ll be redirected to My Products page.

3) Click the desired subscription. A tab will open on the right side.

5) On the page that opens, scroll down to “Do you wish to cancel your subscription”?

6) Confirm the cancellation by clicking “Yes”.

If you have any difficulties in performing these actions or want to know more about the subscription service from Hotmart, know that our Support is always at your disposal!

How do I upgrade my subscription to quarterly or yearly?

To upgrade your plan follow the steps above to cancel your current plan and then choose a new plan from our website.

Will the price of my subscription ever change?

No, the price you signed up for is the price you will keep forever as long as you stay signed up. We will never change the price of your subscription. All members are grandfathered into the price they first signed up at regardless of any price increases we do in the future.

How long does it take to get access after purchasing?

After signing up, please submit a ticket through our Discord channel with your payment email and TradingView username, we will get back to you and grant you access within a few hours.

Can I switch access to a different TradingView account?

Yes you can, please send the new username alongside your old username to and our support team will adjust this for you manually within 6 hours.

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