Our Favorite Strategy for Crypto:

  • Only signals with 85%+ accuracy on TP2+
  • 1-5% of capital per trade
  • Isolated Leverage
  • 100% Take Profit on TP4
  • No more than 5-6 trades open at the same time
  • Longs + Shorts following the trend
  • SL: Fixed SL of 5-8% + Opposite Signal (Adjust Dynamically)
  • Follow the tips from:
We advice you to create your own strategy according to your trading style, risk & capital management.

Additional Tips

  1. 1.
    If the previous signal grossed 200-300% or more (on crypto strats with 10x leverage) in profits, there is a high possibility that the next signal will be a weaker one.
Example, this short generated 778.2% in profit, the corresponding signal reached only 10.2%.
For this situations consider:
  • Not entering the trade.
  • If you enter, do it with a smaller balance.
  • Take profit earlier.
  • Use Order Blocks to find a better entry on pullback.
2. Same applies viceversa, if the previous signal was a weak one (Less than 15% in peak profit) then most likely the next one will be better.
3. Try to avoid signals with Low and Medium Accuracy of TP2+. (We personally prefer only signals with Accuracy above 85% of TP2+.
4. Do not enter a trade if it has already reached TP2+.
5. IMPORTANT! Try to avoid signals that do not follow the trend, or enter them with a smaller deposit. If Bitcoin is in a bullish trend, then give preference to longs rather than shorts, and vice versa.
6. Do not try to win back/add more contracts/disable stops/enter again with a larger deposit after an unsuccessful signal. This is called the "tilt" mindset. Being tilted is a person's state of mind that is triggered by overwhelming emotions from winning or losing. A person cannot control the situation when they are tilted and makes risky decisions instead of deliberate ones – as a result, they make many mistakes. Strong emotions that overwhelm the person's mind forces them to act inadequately: to change the style of play to the riskiest one, which may turn out to be a good decision, of course, but leads to a crushing defeat more so than often.
If you find yourself having a "tilted" mind, just take a break and don’t trade for a couple of hours/days/weeks.
7. If a series of signals have already been posted after another Bitcoin drop – for example, for a short, – and most strategies are already in good profit, then any further signals for a short should be avoided, because the correction is most likely already over, and there will be a rebound soon. In other words, it is better to expect opposite signals for a long. The same strategy above applies to a long.
- Always do your analysis. It is beneficial to rely on the indicator, but conducting research and analysis is highly recommended. - It is recommended to use only 1-5% of your capital per trade. - Design and follow strategies. - You can open several tabs in the browser and select a specific strategy in each tab. For example, one tab for the BTC strategy, another one for BCH, and the third one for EOS.